Tell Me What You Think

Friends, habibis, colleagues, readers, and all-round MC’s,

As announced, I’m taking part in Desmeem, a three-month problem-solving adventure with really intelligent designers, dedicated to making good things happen. We’re divided into teams that deal with specific problems Lebanon is facing. My team is dealing with Energy and Water, but commonly refer to ourselves as “TEAM” with an emphatic voice and a Captain Planet gesture. You can check us out here.

Anywho, as I sit here thinking about tangible aspects we can tackle, I remember the importance of the human-centered approach in the design process. I really want to know what problems matter to you most when it comes to Energy and/or Water. Also, what are the problems you think are most important to the needs of not you, but the Lebanese that are deeply affected by such problems?

Holla back.*

*: The Holla Back process would be most appreciated if it could happen in the comment section below, hopefully getting a conversation started.


2 Comments on “Tell Me What You Think”

  1. Aline C says:

    Le link to your GROUP (emphatic voice, captain planet gesture) ist not working.

  2. Karim Badra says:

    I just checked. It is. I don’t know why you’re not getting linked.

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